A "Fusient" WCW Tag Team Championship Belt?

Published on 25 June 2024 at 00:35

After announcing on r/SquaredCircle on Reddit about buying TheBigBangMay6.com and turning it into a positive look back at WCW memories, I decided to go back on posts that I’ve made over my near decade on the forum.


I cringed so hard. I know that it was a time in my past where I asked questions and commented a lot, but some of the things I posted made me shake my head. 


However, one post piqued my interest.


Back in 2016, I remember searching Google to see if there were any championships made for WCW in 2001, had Fusient Media Ventures purchased the company. I don’t remember what site I found it on, but I came across this photo of a World Tag Team Championship, brandished with the “spaceship logo” that was created in 1999.

I, of course, went searching through Reddit, looking for a forum to ask if this was legitimate.

God bless


On that SubReddit, I posted a topic called “WCW 2001 Belt Question”, which you can read here. 


Although I had asked two questions, the second one was the most important:


I kept hearing rumors of new belts being created for the Fusient WCW. I've seen a picture of the WCW Tag Team Title with the star logo, but also heard of the World Title being revamped and someone owns that belt. Any truth to that?


After Grant_Bell asked about an image, I showed him the one that is in this thread. Thankfully, u/dvizzle, who is also the moderator of that forum, as well as the infamous @BeltFanDan on X, had a response that blew my mind:


I got the WCW Tag from JMar. The other one broke while it was being made, so it's the only one that exists.


The other belts were not made.


Completely in awe, I followed up with a simple question asking about the condition of the lone Tag Team belt. Belt Fan Dan commented in kind:


I sold it a while back. I purchased the raw plates from Joe, then finished the belt myself (plating, paint and leather) Then I sold it. Apparently the owner had someone else do a different style strap on it. I haven't seen how it looks now.


Old school me didn’t follow up, so it was left hanging in the air like vapor across Reddit.


However, it is eight years later, so I have to ask the following three questions:


Where is the whereabouts of the lone J-Mar WCW 2001 “Fusient” World Tag Team Championship? Who owns it? What is its current condition?


Despite it evolving into three questions, my inquiring mind wants to know. If the person who owns this title comes across this post, please email me at Jon@HardwayHQ.com. I’d love to hear from you.


So, to answer a long-standing rumor that has circled the wrestling scene for ages - here it is.


Were there any belts produced for a Fusient Media Ventures owned WCW?


Yes, a lone WCW World Tag Team Championship.


Jon Harder


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a month ago

Belt history fascinates me. I love how this belt looks with the spaceship logo.